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Interest Widget

Do you have a website around a famous celebrity, Bollywood, gossip, travel, politics, television or any interesting topic? Add the itimes widget related to the topic of your webpage. Whats more you can even add different widgets to different pages of your website. Simply search for the interest name and copy and paste the code on your webpage.


Interest Title
Posts Type
Posts Count
Include related Interests

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Copy & place above code for your widget wherever you want the widget to appear on your page.


Here you can

Interest Widget Settings

HTML5 Attribute Description Default
Widget Type
The type of widget such as interest or photos
Interest ID
Displays latest contents which have posted for this interest. For example: sunny-leone or bollywoods-unseen-moments
Type of Content
Type of content to display latest posts. Can be all, photo, video, blog, poll
Post Count
The number of posts to be displayed. Can be minimum 20 to maximum 50
Widget Width
The width of the widget in pixels, minimum of 300 to maximum of 600
Widget Height
The height of the widget in pixels, minimum of 500 to maximum of 700
Related interests
Option to show related related interests in the interest widget. Can be true or false


What are itimes social plugins?

Itimes social plugins are widgets that allow you to add itimes content to your own website. You can include widgets related to your favourite topics of interests or the popular photogalleries on itimes. You can customize the interest widgets by selecting only a certain type of posts, for eg either of photos, blogs, videos or polls, or you may add a widget that has a mix of all the post types.

Who can use itimes Widgets?

Any website that includes content related to any interesting topic can use the itimes widget. Itimes has a repository of rich media content on a range of topics or interests. You just need to select the interest and the kind of posts you need to display to your audience.

What all widgets can be added to my website

At present, itimes provides two widgets that can be added to your webpages :
Interest widget - of your favourite topic that can be customized basis the post type.
Photogallery - Select and featured photo albums of all that is trending on the web .

What are the post types?

An interest widget can have either of the five post types – Photos, Blogs, Polls and Videos. Depending on your audience and content you can select either of the post types and create a widget of your choice.

How can I customize the widget?

You can adjust the number of posts that can be seen in the widget. You can also adjust the width and height of the widget between a minimum and maximum limit.

How do I add a widget to my website?

To add an itimes widget to your site, simply insert a line of HTML into your site’s source code.

How can I fix technical problems with my widget?

Simply write to response at itimes dot com in case you are facing any issues and we would be happy to assist.