Who is an interest master?

  1. By default a user who creates the Interest.
  2. Any user can become the Interest Master if he/she collects highest points on an interest by tagging maximum number of relevant posts with that Interest.

How to become an interest master?

  1. Create posts and tag them to "The Heart Desires".
  2. Share these posts on other social networks.
  3. Comment on posts created around "The Heart Desires" and engage with other followers.
These activities earn you points and the user with maximum points becomes the Interest Master.

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When we are happy, we need to share our happiness.When we are disturbed, we need someone to share. When we feel aloof , we need someone to accompany.When depressed, we need someone to boost .We need someone to share our each feeling. Sometimes we cant found anyone in this world full of many persons around us. We are happily bound with many relations but still we need someone. And that someone can only be - a friend. A friend who don't expects much from ourselves except friendship. We need a

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