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  1. By default a user who creates the Interest.
  2. Any user can become the Interest Master if he/she collects highest points on an interest by tagging maximum number of relevant posts with that Interest.

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  1. Create posts and tag them to "Hottest Celebrities".
  2. Share these posts on other social networks.
  3. Comment on posts created around "Hottest Celebrities" and engage with other followers.
These activities earn you points and the user with maximum points becomes the Interest Master.

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This is a group of all those photos that are a collection of some of the biggest style icons of all time. The pictures in this group comprise of those people who have at some point or the other made an impact with their style quotient. They are trendsetters whom people over the world have copied & idolized. Right from the flower-power hippies of the '60s, to the boogie-woogie generation of the '70s, down to the fashionistas of the '90s...uptil today's most stylish people, this group attempts to cover them all! Join this group to see pictures & videos of these style icons. Also join the discussion to vote for who you think is the most stylish of them all!

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