Celebrity Affairs

Bollywood, sports, glamour fraternity and even politics, it's nothing new for our celebs and renowned personalities to have certain extra marital affairs - known or rumoured. Check out this interest to follow some of the most talked about ones.
Antra Pandey
Antra Pandey and 10 more commented on the discussion by Jyoti Sharma
4 hrs ago
Jyoti Sharma - 'Rekha is still obsessed with Big B'
If you saw Rekha making an appearance on Bigg Boss 8 and Comedy Night with Kapil, you would surely understand and agree to what I am saying. It was so evident that Rekha was completely in awe of ex-flame Amitabh Bachchan. The way she said 'I am only more »
Vishal Chavan
Vishal Chavan and commented on the discussion by Darshan Yadav
on Oct 20, 2014 , 01:47 pm
Darshan Yadav - Has Rani secretly married Aditya Chopra?
I was reading it the papers that at a recent event, Shatrughan Sinha addressed Rani as 'Rani Chopra'. By mistake or on purpose, only he can tell but I think Rani has secretly tied the knot with Aditya and she's just keeping it under wraps. Don't more »
Pradeep Baliga
Pradeep Baliga commented on the photo by Nina S
on Oct 19, 2014 , 05:43 pm
Nina S - Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha
Amitabh and Rekha first started their affair during the filming of ‘Do Anjaane’ and ironically that seems to be the end for them now. more »
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