Celebrities and Spirituality

Celebrities have taken to spirituality many times, whether it is for the success of their films or for their personal lives. This group is dedicated to some of those rare moments when celebs have been captured in their most religious & spiritual of moods. From Durga puja festivities, to dandiya nights during Navratri..Diwali pujas & Ganesh Chaturthi functions. Also included are pilgrim trips to Siddhivinayak temple & the famous Ajmer dargah sharif, the photos reveal the lesser known, spiritual side of our celebrities.   EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS Another trend that has been observed over time is that stars tend to get over-spiritual just before the release of a film. They do this to wish that the film does well. But is this just superstitious or real, genuine faith? Join the discussion & post your views.     
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Thoughts, feelings, sensations. All these arise and fall within the free play of mind.
Thoughts, feelings, sensations. All these arise and fall within the free play of mind.What remains is awareness.Unbounded. Free. Limitless.Meditation lets us remember that aspect of ourselves. Taste it. Feel it. Experience it.That’s why you see the Buddha almost always pictured in meditation.For that is his greatest teaching.Meditate.Go within.Taste the freedom there.And once found it will radiate from every pore of your body. In truth your body will be reborn to it’s true self.Limitless, aw more »
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