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This is a group for all movie-buffs. If you love watching movies, then this is the perfect hangout zone for you! Here you will meet fellow movie freaks like yourselves and together you will share the passion for cinema with eachother.   English, Hindi, French, Japanese or Korean...whichever genre of cinema works for you, whichever you like or enjoy watching...Discuss here, by posting your favorite films of all time. Talk about your favorite actors & actresses - basically anything & everything to do with films!!!     Join & create discussions about films, forthcoming releases or any other issues to do with the world of cinema. 
Deepak Tiwari
Raj Mom
Raj Mom commented on the blog by Monika Rawal
1 hr ago
Monika Rawal - Top 10 Bollywood celebrities to follow on Twitter
As "Welcome Ranbir Kapoor" and "11 Million SRKians on Twitter" continue to trend on twitter, it's evident that Bollywood has come out of the closet... like LITERALLY! With more and more celebrities joining Twitter, their private life is no longer a 'private affair'.While some stars use this social platform to connect with fans by posting personal pics and disclosing their daily routine, others make the most of it for film promotions. Amid all this crazy fans surely have a reason to rejoice. For more »
Anchal Bansal
Abhimanyu.dadhwal commented on the discussion by Aakriti Rana
5 hrs ago
Aakriti Rana - Salman Khan, cleaning India after killing people??
Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all praise for Bollywood actor Salman Khan who did his bit and contributed to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Drive). While Modi tweeted his appreciation for Salman Khan, and the actor too had done more than more »
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