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Soulful, foot-tapping or melodious, Bollywood Music has enthralled one and all. Whether you are a gazal lover or crazy about rocking disco songs, this group is for all those who like Bollywood songs. This group is an ode to all the great music composers, singers and lyricists of Bollywood. From ‘Dil ke armaan aansoon mei bah gaye’ to ‘Radha on the dance floor’, know all about the latest Bollywood songs. Be a member of this interest and share your favourite tracks with fellow music lovers.
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Samira Kapoor - Best workout songs from Bollywood
Working out can really be a task if you don’t enjoy it and if you don’t have the zeal required to burn calories. But if you thought someone can push you to hit the gym, get into the workout mode to shed some weight and get into perfect weight, forget it. It’s only you who can decide. So why wait for somebody else to give you that kick or motivate you.Here is a list of best workout songs that can get you into the right mood to workout and sweat it out like never before. Check out and make y more »
Vikram Singh
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