Bikini Babes

 Not everyone can carry off a bikini with the same oomph as not everyone is blessed with a flattering beach body that is just the right kind for carrying off that bikini with oomph...  But then there are some who seem to be crafted perfectly for that two-piece wonder. So here's my collection of photos of  Bollywood beauties with the most amazing beach bodies ever. From Nutan, Sharmila to Priyanka , Lara and Kareena. After a Priyanka vs Kareena, the war for the best beach body in Bollywood is now between Rani and Lara.
Devendra Singh
Sangeeta Khubchandani
Ansh Arch Wow
Ansh Arch Wow
Ansh Arch Wow
Shailesh Ved
Shankar Narayan
John Abruji
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9 hrs ago
Heema Tomar
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11 hrs ago
Nina S - Sunny Leone car wash pics
Sunny Leone's steamy bikini photos in a car wash pose has been released on the Internet. The former porn star would be seen next in a film titled 'Mastizaade'. Image Courtesy: Procured via Google Search more »
Biplop Kumar
Yash Pal
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20 hrs ago
Nina S - Sunny Leone's hot pics
Sunny Leone also signed a signed 3-film deal with producer Parag Sanghvi for a staggering Rs 5 crore. more »
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