Award Shows

This is a group with all the pictures of the award functions of 2009-10. From Hollywood to Bollywood...find aggregated pictures of all the award ceremonies of this year. Filmfare Awards Grammy awards Stardust Awards Apsara Awards Golden Globe awards Join in the discussion on who you think is the best dressed actor or actress. You can also add latest discussions on who you think deserved awards & who didn't this year. All the gossip, inside scoops & other news related to the awards will be in this group!  
Sam Dubey
Sam Dubey took the poll by Gayatri Goswami
on Mar 04, 2014 , 07:13 pm
Gayatri Goswami - Vote: Most popular TV award show
Colors Golden Petal Awards
Indian Telly Awards
ITA Awards
Shamshad Alam
Shamshad Alam and 2 more took the poll by Namitha Mathew
on Feb 22, 2014 , 01:31 am
Pinko Bigie Raees
Pinko Bigie Raees and took the poll by Jia Sen
on Feb 17, 2014 , 07:21 am
Bigtvguy Asa
Bigtvguy Asa and 7 more took the poll by Mishka Mahajan
on Feb 16, 2014 , 05:16 am
Mishka Mahajan - Vote: Most popular Bollywood awards
Apsara Awards
BIG Star Entertainment Awards
Colors Screen Awards
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