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For all you guys who think, valentine should no more be a day to give cards, teddy bears and all those clicked gifts...this is a place to be. The flavour of this season is sensual and naughty, so why not go kinky this valentine and exchange some naughty gifts this valentine. Kinky gift options Photos Not only will it be a great surprise but also spice things up in the bedroom  by bringing something new and exciting into the mix. There's a whole range available from sex toys, candles, erotic music. These are all surefire ways to turn your libido from blah, to blow-your-mind amazing! So I'm wondering how you'd feel if your partner surprised you with a kinky gift — maybe a light-up vibrator, a provocative piece of lingerie, or a steamy porn video. Would it embarrass you, shock you, or would you love it if your SO did something to add some zest to your relationship? Gift range startd from Rs 500 to 3000 onwards available at La Lingerie, La Sanza, Great India place Mall

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