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“Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet” - Vietnamese proverb.

You may fight, argue, get jealous and hate them but in the end, you find solace in their care, love and affection. Siblings – the most loved and delicate relationship that one can ever think of. Unlike your friends that you can pick and choose, your relationship with siblings – brothers and sisters - is created by God and goes a long way. Even if the whole world isolates you, your sibling would always stand by you selflessly – through your thick and thin times. So don’t leave this chance and let your sibling know how much they matter. Join this interest and get talking about sibling love and rivalry, the problems, the good and the bad, things you like or dislike et al. Also post blogs and upload your private pictures too.
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Tanmoy Biswas
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on Jul 25, 2014 , 04:31 pm
Monika Rawal - 10 annoying things every sibling does!
You love them, hate them, fight and soon patch up with them, disagree now only to agree later… having a sibling is so much fun. Yes indeed! But it comes with its own share of woes… not in any worst sense I meant but surely sufficient enough to annoy the hell out of you and in extreme cases get on your nerves. Yeah, there are endless things every sibling does that leaves you wonder WHY. And no matter how often much you complain, they would love to repeat it again. Don’t trust me? Read more »
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Deeksha Talwar - Your pick: Best thing about having a sibling?
You always have a partner in crime
You don't really miss not having your friends around
You can confide in them all your secrets
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