Sex Problems

If you have a burning sexual query that you are too embarrassed to pose even to your best friend, then believe me you're not alone. I have created this group for all those who shy away from sharing their most private concerns, queries and also their exotic experiences.... But if you have a concern then "the sooner you seek advice, the sooner your sex life will benefit". A one stop info-center where you can ask and share anything related to sex: your wildest sex date your fav sex position your style of seducing your hot bedroom lines your concerns before losing virginity....anything guys!!!!!!!!!!!
Metkar Amol
Metkar Amol and Tammana Naga D Rao commented on the blog by Nina S
1 hr ago
Nina S - Confession of a Sex Addict!!!
It wasn’t easy to come out of the closet and confess something as bizarre as this. Yes I am a nymphomaniac and I have no shame admitting it. Sex might be a normal phenomenon for most human beings but for me, it’s ALL that I want in life.I am 30 and got married last year only and sex is fine. But in the last 12 years, I have had sex with over 12 men spanning all age groups. And yeah, I must say older the man, better the experience.I have been through many relationships – some flings, a coup more »
Amish Kumar
Change India
Change India and 4 more commented on the discussion by Shankar Manakkal
3 hrs ago
Shankar Manakkal - Men who watch porn don't enjoy sex?
So I just read somewhere that men who indulge in too much porn don't really enjoy real life sex much. WHAT!?Who the hell comes up with these studies?I watch a fair amount of porn but that doesn't stop me from enjoying real sex! I mean who would pick more »
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