Office romance

An office romance, work romance, or corporate affair is a romance that occurs between two people who work together in the same office, work location, or business. It tends to breach nonfraternization policies and is a foreseeable business expense. The relationship between affair partners at work can be as wide as intern and president; company CEO and member of the board; supervisor and supervisee; company representative and client; boss and secretary, and so on. And it can be between peers or colleagues at the same level in the organization. It can concurrently or after the fact come to be interpreted as sexual harassment. Intra-office romance between an executive and an employee can presage sexual harassment claims, to which email records bear witness. The perception that an advantage is gained by 'sleeping with the boss' in a competitive environment ensures that these transactions occur by stealth. To have a powerful influence on the opportunities placed in one's path, one does not...
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Phani Kumar
Phani Kumar and 3 more commented on the discussion by Samira Kapoor
on Sep 28, 2014 , 02:18 pm
Samira Kapoor - 'Help! Colleague dating our married boss'
I have been working in an MNC for the past 4 years. I am a part of a 10-member team which is led by a 35-year-old married man. Now, everything was going fine at work until my colleague and my boss started having a steaming-hot affair. They had kept more »
Praneeth Pardhu
Praneeth Pardhu and 9 more commented on the discussion by Shankar Manakkal
on Sep 27, 2014 , 11:32 pm
Shankar Manakkal - 'Blackmailed after sex'
I am in a major fix and need your help. There is a girl in my office, my co-worker who I was attracted to. We both started talking and decided to go out on a date. Things got out of hand and we both indulged in 'consensual' sex. Now, things have more »
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