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Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on Earth. Whether the old famous saying still holds any relevance or not, it’s tough to say. While marriage is a ceremony, matrimony refers more to the relationship between husband and wife. It also includes a whole long process that goes behind in making it happen the right way such as choosing the right bride or groom, meeting of families, making arrangements et al. Follow this interest to read and share tips on how to enjoy matrimony till eternity.
Suresh K
Suresh K and 9 more commented on the blog by Monika Rawal
on Jul 30, 2014 , 03:58 pm
Monika Rawal - Top 10 'useless' questions asked before marriage!
Being unmarried is fun... so much fun I tell you! And when you are single, meeting guys and his parents is rather more interesting than anything else. Honestly, the whole concept of arrange marriage brings the hell out of me but then, there are no escapes. So having been through several such matrimonial meetings, I have shortlisted some of the most stupid, useless and ridiculous questions I have been asked. If you have been through this process, I am sure you’d agree with many. So read t more »
Harekrushna Sahu
Harekrushna Sahu commented on the discussion by Monika Rawal
on Jul 25, 2014 , 05:52 am
Monika Rawal - What do Indian men want in a wife?
Some say good looks, some say brains, some want a nice figure and others look for a girl with a great job! And wait, some even want their wives to be a gadget freak or maybe the best cook in the kitchen. Well, clearly Indian men can't just figure more »
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