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Love guru is a popular term coined for a person who usually offers expert help and sound advice on love problems between couples. The list of advice can range from a wide list of problems solutions for lovers as well advice on dating and the social do’s and don’ts. He or she offers advice through their vast knowledge and experience of love problems; the goal usually is to find a perfect balance and help people find their perfect match. Feel free to share and get advice from other itimers. 
Pramod Agarwal
Pramod Agarwal and Pushpendra Singh commented on the blog by Kanav Mehra
48 mins ago
Kanav Mehra - Tips for a perfect honeymoon
Honeymoon perhaps is the only time that the newly wed couple spend time with each other without any disturbance. Be it sexual intimacy, emotional bonding, knowing each other as a person, everything starts from honeymoon. So a couple must make sure that it is the best vacation of their life that sets the pace for their married life. While planning a honeymoon isn't a rocket science but you must keep in mind some tips that would make it perfect and better than what you would have thought. So more »
Jagruti Agrawal
Jagruti Agrawal commented on the blog by Monika Rawal
1 hr ago
Monika Rawal - Sexting rules you must remember!
Aren't you tired of the same old foreplay techniques to arouse your partner? What about trying a bit of sexting? Talking sex through text messages has become quite an interesting way to indulge in naughty talks with your partner and excite them sexually. While sexting can really make way for a night of passion, you have to be extra watchful of your words and actions, as you won't even get to know when something you said may turn your partner off.So next time you pick up your phone to write a more »
Naveen Sambyal
Shivshankar Singh
Sanjay Deo
Sanjay Deo commented on the photo by Aarti Rao
on Nov 23, 2014 , 10:50 pm
Aarti Rao - Give space to each other for a happy marriage
Invading each other's private space is the biggest mistake you might be doing in your marriage. Stop it right away. If your partner is giving hints that they need space, give it to them and then see things falling in place on its own without you more »
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