Love Guru

Love guru is a popular term coined for a person who usually offers expert help and sound advice on love problems between couples. The list of advice can range from a wide list of problems solutions for lovers as well advice on dating and the social do’s and don’ts. He or she offers advice through their vast knowledge and experience of love problems; the goal usually is to find a perfect balance and help people find their perfect match. Feel free to share and get advice from other itimers. 
Suman Mandal
Suman Mandal and 11 more commented on the discussion by Pankaj Rana
19 mins ago
Pankaj Rana - 'Sexually attracted to sister-in-law'
I am a married man with a loving wife and a happy relationship. But recently things changed as my younger brother got married. My sister-in-law is nothing like my wife. I feel extremely sexually attracted to her. Suddenly I have all these feelings more »
Sachin commented on the blog by Lipla Bhatt
on Jul 26, 2014 , 12:57 pm
Lipla Bhatt - How to ask a girl out on date
A question that every man needs an answer for – how to ask a girl out on date? While it might be a cakewalk for some, for others, it can be a difficult task to accomplish. Well, it is simple! You need to know the tricks of the trade to succeed and when it comes to asking a girl out, mind it that it does not backfire in any way. Keep is simple not cheesy and things would turn your way. Check out some important points you can keep in mind while asking a girl out and if you follow these r more »
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