In-Laws Issues

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If a couple is expected to lead a peaceful family life post their marriage, the in-laws play a rather more crucial role in ensuring the same. Clashes, arguments, difference of opinions, combined with a pinch of love, a girl’s or a boy’s relationship with their in-laws can’t be put across words. The bittersweet bond they share sometimes is the most special one while the next moment, it can turn into the World War. Don’t you feel the same? Join this interest and share your views on various topics being discussed, common issues with in-laws and ways to deal with it.
Deepak Saxena
Deepak Saxena and 8 more commented on the discussion by Ritu Awasthi
on Jul 23, 2014 , 04:24 pm
Ritu Awasthi - 'Mom-in-law forcing for a baby boy'
My friend got married about 2 years ago to a very well educated and a rich boy living in a posh locality of South Delhi. She got pregnant and delivered a baby girl a month back and that is when marital problems started in her life.Her mother-in-law, more »
Ishan Batra
Ishan Batra commented on the discussion by Jyoti Mishra
on Jun 29, 2014 , 10:31 am
Jyoti Mishra - Should I marry a guy with 3 sisters?
I am sick of this man hunting going for almost a year now. Recently, I found a very good match for myself and the guy is educated and works at a very good position in an MNC. The only point that is stopping me to say yes to marriage is the fact that more »
Neelam Nath
Neelam Nath updated the Blog
on Jun 22, 2014 , 08:52 pm
To be a Single Woman in India,it is as Insecure Future Now,as it Was 100 years ago.
Only God is the father for the Single woman of India,Everyone gets a right to question her,why single,why an abandoned Widow,their questions along with their answers,same people will say,stop bothering about people and lead your own single life,the courage of the Single woman will be worth a Salute from the Secure Activist woman.No father,brother or son as a Support for the abandoned unfortunate widow,everyone ready with their own blame games,and the fault finding process stars before the more »
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