Friends are God's most precious gifts sent on planet Earth. If family and siblings are the most important relationships in one's life, then friendship is something that is earned once in a lifetime. A friend is someone who you can trust without having any doubt. Someone who won't think twice before lending you a shoulder to cry on, someone who won't mind if you bother them at odd hours of the day, someone who will have trust and faith in whatever you do, someone with whom you feel very special. There have always been diferent definitions of friendship for different people but one thing that never changes is the fact that 'a friend in need is a friend indeed'. So, you can compromise on anything in life but not when it comes to choosing friends. They are your partners in crime and assure that you would never be left alone. Even if no one stands by your side in tough times, your true friend would never leave you alone and will suport you come what may. So cherish this special bond and never leave a chance to express it to your close friends that you really love and care. Friends forever!!!
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