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Every relationship has its ups and downs but when both sides cannot seem to agree on anything , breakups become inevitable. Breakups are common these days with both men and women getting increasingly demanding of their partners. Here's where you can explore the every angle of breakups.
Sonu Patel
Sonu Patel and 7 more commented on the blog by Alisha
on Aug 28, 2014 , 09:14 pm
Alisha - How to Know If He Really Wants You Back
It has been said breakups are way much harder than falling in love, and I totally agree. But then again they present you with an opportunity to re-invent yourself and start afresh. It is an opportunity to find yourself and chart your future. Then amidst all these confusion your ex starts giving you mixed signals. Is he just checking up on you and being friendly or does he want you back?You should know the best ways to check what your ex’s intentions are when all of a sudden he starts showing y more »
Ankit Goyal
Ankit Goyal
Manish Gupta
Dr      Mandar Kalwari
Dr Mandar Kalwari and commented on the discussion by Jasmeet Kaur
on Jul 19, 2014 , 11:50 pm
Jasmeet Kaur - Can you stay friends with your ex?
Relationships rarely see mutual breakups. One person is usually the heartbreaker, while the other mulls over the breakup and pain for weeks, even months. Quite often, the person who does the breaking up feels like less of a bad person by offering more »
Hemant Kumar
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