How you get points? Have you been failing your exams? Did you miss that job interview? Does that cute girl think you're a loser? Don't worry on iTimes you'll always have a Winning Streak!

Every activity you do in the new itimes, earns you points. And guess what, if your posts on an interest or topic are more than anyone else, you get to be the interest master. Your total points on the site will help you vie for the Interest Superking crown.

  • So how many points do I get for creating a relevant interest?

Creating a new interest will fetch you a 100 points. But hey! You must also create a post in order to create an interest. Creating a new post and tagging it to interests gets you points too.

  • Do I also lose points and the ownership of an interest?

Just like relevant posts and interests get points, incorrect tagging or bad content will make you lose points so remember not to get blahed and blacklisted. You can lose ownership of an interest if someone has more relevant posts than you.

All you have to do is get points which will you interests. Get more interests and become the Interest Master. Final destination Interest Superking!! So stop staring at the screen and start clicking to grab those points!

100 points for you!! Just create a post to generate an interest. Each post can have 5 interests so you can reach all your fans and make more points and fans with every interest you create!
Different posts get you different points
Its raining points if you're an Interest Master!
And you don't have to do anything. Just sit back and let someone else do the hard work! Watch those points add up!
Because we think you're cool...