Not many people are aware of Govinda's extra-marital affair with Rani Mukerji. Rani and Govinda grew extremely close on the sets of 'Hadh Kardi Aapne'.Govinda's wife Sunita had no idea that her husband had developed a soft spot for his heroine. Since meeting in public wasn't an option, Govinda would spend time at Rani's flat in Versova. Once a journalist went to meet Rani at her residence and saw Govinda emerging from her room in a night dress! It is believed that Rani's parents were quite aware of what was going on between Govinda and their daughter and they disapproved of the relationship. Rumours even suggested that Govinda had gifted her a high-end car, diamonds and even a luxurious flat when she wanted to move to a bigger place! Image courtesy: Procured via Google search
Created by Vinay Ghosh - On 20th Aug, 2014