YSR Reddy

Hi all, although this group still remains dedicated to YSR, I decided to change the name of the group. Trust it will continue to have the full of support of our valued members. Thank you all! ------------------------------------------------- YSR was not only a great leader but a man of masses, his people loved him because of his populist measures like loan waivers and free power for farmers. One of the very few leaders who was actually development-focussed and a man of words. A man who could blend vision with actions and the same time be at his humble best. He was a true gutsy leader. His untimely death is not only a loss to his family but the entire nation, as its lost a great leader. May his soul rest in peace Pay tribute to YSR  
Kiran Smarthoney
Kiran Smarthoney and 9 more took the poll by Ramawat Shashikanth
on Feb 03, 2013 , 01:05 pm
Asanavi Chari
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