Yash Chopra

Date Of Birth : 1932-09-27
Occupation : Film Director
Yash Raj Chopra is an Indian film director, screenwriter and film producer, predominantly working in Hindi cinema. Chopra began his career as an assistant director to I.S. Johar and his elder brother, B.R. Chopra. He made his directorial debut with Dhool Ka Phool in 1959, a melodrama about illegitimacy and followed it with the hard-hitting social drama Dharmputra (1961). Encouraged by the success of both films, the Chopra brothers made several more movies together during the late fifties and sixties. Chopra then rose to prominence after the commercially and critically successful drama, Waqt (1965), which pioneered the concept of multi-starters in Bollywood. In 1973, Chopra founded his own production company, Yash Raj Films, and launched it with Daag: A Poem of Love (1973), a successful melodrama about a polygamous man. His success continued in the seventies, with some of Indian cinema's most successful and iconic films, including the...
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Neelam Nath - Mala Sinha,heroine of 50s 60s,the Loyal and the non political.
┬áSurprised to see Mala Sinha, at the Funeral of Yash Chopra, looking upset ,but Not worn out ,like heroines of yesteryears refuse to be clicked,to keep their past glory and looks intact ,in the minds of public. May be or may be Not there were camps more »
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J Badiyani - Choose the best of Shah Rukh Interviews
Shah Rukh Khan very interesting interview must watch
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