Veena Malik

Date Of Birth : 1984-02-26
Occupation : Actor
Veena Malik is a Pakistani actress, model and comedienne. Over a span of ten years, she has worked with news channels and in movies. Veena Malik was born in Rawalpindi in the province of Punjab, to Ali Malik, and his wife, Zeenat Malik. She holds a BA in Sociology, Psychology and Persian. Before starting her career off as an actress, Malik worked as a comedian for several television shows and series. She made her acting debut alongside Shaan and Zara Sheikh in Askari's Tere Pyar Mein (2000), which was a box office hit. She played a supporting role in the film and was barely acknowledged. However, she appeared in a supporting role in Javed Sheikh's Yeh Dil Aap Ka Huwa (2002). In 2003, Malik appeared in Indo-Pak cross venture Punjabi film Pind Di Kuri which failed to do so well, however, the film turned out be the first Indo-Pak venture film with a budget of approximately 70 million rupees. She also appeared in Askari's Sassi Punno (2003)...
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Shivangi Mathur
Shivangi Mathur and 2 more commented on the blog by Harpreet Kaur
on Jul 21, 2014 , 11:37 pm
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Pk Pankaj
Pk Pankaj commented on the blog by Monika Rawal
on Jul 13, 2014 , 08:42 pm
Monika Rawal - I want to be the female Salman Khan: Veena Malik
For Pakistani actress Veena Malik, a short yet sweet appearance on controversial show Bigg Boss was big enough to get her noticed among Indian audiences. Be it her alleged link-ups with Bollywood actor Ashmit Patel or her orgasmic expressions that caught everyone’s eye, the starlet surely knew what would have worked for her. And she exactly followed the sure shot formula to get famous. It was only after Bigg Boss show that Veena Malik became a household name. This was followed by some controve more »
Manish Gupta
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