Sasha Agha

Profession : Actor
The latest celebrity kid to join the entertainment industry is Sasha Agha. The 19-year-old hazel-eyed beauty is yesteryear's actress and singer Salma Agha's daughter. Her striking similarity to her mother and sensuous looks are her USPs in Bollywood. Sasha Agha is making a lot of news for her grabbing a big role in Yash Raj Films' Aurangzeb. She plays a glamourous role in Arjun Kapoor starrer Aurangzeb. Follow the enigmatic beauty for unseen pics, videos and updates on her personal and professional life
Sunil Gupta
Sunil Gupta created the Poll
on Apr 26, 2014 , 04:52 pm
Sasha grey
Sasha Grey - Yerg Ahsas | Face 2 Faces
Sasha grey wallpaper
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