Pooja Misrra

Date Of Birth : 1984
Occupation : Actor
Pooja Misrra is a model, VJ, Dancing diva, Page3 socialite and has also been featured in a item number in a Bollywood movie Mera Dil Leke Dekho. Pooja became highly popular among small screen viewers when she participated in the controversial reality TV show Big Switch on the channel UTV Bindass (2010). Keeping up with this image, she further appeared in reality show Bigg Boss 5 on Colors. Though she was expelled from the show because of her violent behaviour, she re-entered the Bigg Boss house as a guest and Andrew Symonds's translator.

As a model, Pooja Mishra has been the face of a few brands like Durian’s, Videocon, Fake's Photography, Sansui, and Lissom. Pooja began her TV stint with a talk-show Jab We Talk on B4U, where she offered solutions for relationship problems.
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Jagruti Agrawal
Jagruti Agrawal and 9 more commented on the blog by Pooja Misrra
40 mins ago
Pooja Misrra - Bigg Boss 8: Cat is out of the bag, Upen is a Playboy, not a Stag!
When Upen Patel had entered the glamour scene, he had set it on fire! Literally! TV shows, music videos, movies, fashion shows et al; he was difficult to miss! He has the knack to drive women crazy, as all the tricks to impress a woman are down pat like a game plan on the back of his hand! And boy does he love the attention! Well, I would spare you the gory details of his escapades but he was notorious with women to say the least. Surprisingly after a couple of good movies he more »
Putta Chakradhar Reddy
Putta Chakradhar Reddy took the poll by Pooja Misrra
2 hrs ago
Pooja Misrra - Will Ali Quli's entry on Bigg Boss spice up things?
Yeah, Ali is damn good and would surely bring masala
Nah, he seems to be just like any other random contestant
So far so good, rest, time would tell
Akhil Baheti
Akhil Baheti commented on the blog by Pooja Misrra
3 hrs ago
Pooja Misrra - Bigg Boss: Here’s what goes behind the cameras!
Well everybody who is riveted to the most controversial show on TV, Bigg Boss, often wonders what goes on behind the cameras and how different is it from what they see on their television screens. So here I am spilling the beans to you and I bet these revelations would be a treat for each and everyone who are addicted to watching Bigg Boss without fail. It is true that none besides the inmates stay in the house and no crew members are allowed in the house, however there is a crew of more »
J.jyoti13 commented on the blog by Pooja Misrra
5 hrs ago
Pooja Misrra - Bigg Boss 8 captaincy: Neighbours envy, owners pride!
Being a captain on a super bitchy, ferociously backstabbing, power hungry show like Bigg Boss is anything but easy! Being the Sun around which the Universe revolves not only triggers constant dissection, but also a lot of envy.How can I forget that my captaincy on Bigg Boss season 5 triggered innumerable volcano eruptions in the backside of many a inmates. No wonder I was unfairly eliminated at the plea of a punk arse errand boy at 2 am in the morning without even fairly judging the situation! more »
Ankita Jena
Ankita Jena commented on the poll by Pooja Misrra
on Oct 30, 2014 , 11:15 pm
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