Miss India '13 Finalist Srishti Rana

Profession : Model
I am a person who believes that the best approach to live life and the best stress buster that works for me is a positive attitude. Whenever I feel low I tend to think of all the best things in my life and all the best possibilities that can be there and I automatically end up being a happy and content person.
College: Manav Rachna International University, Faridabad.
Hobbies: I have a passion for training different places. I love listening to English pop. In my spare time I love to paint. I am also fond of pets.
Zodiac: Libra
City Born In: Faridabad

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on Jan 09, 2014 , 03:11 pm
Niclas Rosenberger
Niclas Rosenberger commented on the discussion by Shailendra Dhodi
on Nov 02, 2013 , 01:01 pm
Shailendra Dhodi - Srishti Rana the next big thing in Bollywood?
Srishti Rana has won the Miss Asia Pacific crown this year and no doubt film offers will be pouring now that she has won the crown. Srishti Rana is the only Indian girl to have won this title after Dia Mirza won it in 2000. But going by Dia's more »
Ranjan Sharma
Ranjan Sharma commented on the blog by Srishti Rana
on Aug 09, 2013 , 03:20 pm
Srishti Rana - To the women of the world
If a woman is sufficiently ambitious, determined and gifted, there is practically nothing she can't do.. more »
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