Miss India '13 Finalist Sagarika Chhetri

Profession : Model
Hello! I am Sagarika Chhetri 23 years old. I belong to Darjeeling - the queen of hills. I have been working as a flight attendant for the past 5 and half years. I believe living life to the fullest and enjoying every bit of it is my mantra!
College : Graduate from Mumbai University
Hobbies : Dancing, travelling, meeting new people, adventure sports
Zodiac: Gemini
City Born In: Mumbai

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Sagarika Chhetri - Im overwhelmed by the love and support from you all!
I cant believe this!! I feel honoured and priviledged on womens day this article was published! I take this oppurtunity to thank the team behind this and honouring me with so much respect. Thanks for the vote appeal on my behalf! more »
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