Miss India '13 Finalist Anukriti Gusain

Profession : Model
I am Anukriti Gusain , I’m 18 years old from a beautiful hill station Lansdowne (Uttarakhand). I am an optimist and person with a practical vision. “I am what I am “, I believe in simple living and high thinking. 
College: Engineering from DIT Dehradun 
Hobbies : Listening to music, playing basketball and debating.
Zodiac: Virgo
City Born In: Lansdowne
Kamlesh Kamlesh
Kamlesh Kamlesh commented on the discussion by Anukriti Gusain
on Jan 22, 2015 , 10:25 am
Anukriti Gusain - Multinational corporation; are they devils in disguise
After the liberalisation policy adopted by Indian government many MNC entered in country and contributed to growth of the country and so India is now enjoying manifold growth in their world share. MNC not only brought money to the country but also more »
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Manoj Singhal
Babulal Bairwa
River Rafting Tours India
Ayushi Sinha
Ayushi Sinha commented on the blog by Anukriti Gusain
on Mar 19, 2014 , 01:13 pm
Anukriti Gusain - Rehearsals
4 the first time walking 4 show n thats toifa with dia mirja...excited., practices r on..with lots of work out.... more »
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