Imam Siddique

Profession : Socialite
Imam Siddique is a fashion consultant whose claim to fame is his stint on Season 6 of an Indian reality TV show Bigg Boss. He entered the Bigg Boss house and was immediately asked to leave after his disruptive and scandalous behaviour on screen. However, he was brought back on the show to provide much needed masala.
Palmer Weah
Palmer Weah and 2 more commented on the discussion by Anjum Seth
on Dec 13, 2013 , 03:09 am
Anjum Seth - Salman behind Bigg Boss evictions?
Salman bhai is showing his ‘bhaigiri’ on Bigg Boss too. It is so unfair but whichever contestant Salman picks a liking for, stays till the very end. Last season, it was Mahek Chahal, this season it is Sana Khan. And he always shouts at who more »
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on Jan 25, 2013 , 09:39 pm
Prashant Patil
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on Jan 21, 2013 , 09:48 am
Nimi Sinha
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on Jan 16, 2013 , 03:13 pm
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