Cricketers With Hot Girls

Off late we have seen how distracted cricketers have been when it comes to their game be it ads, dance, reality shows etc . It seems like they are doing everything except playing the game. Lets have a look at some of the activities our crickters are best at obviously with is other then playing the game they are known for.
Rohan Suley
Rohan Suley and 13 more commented on the discussion by Sahil Kakkar
on Sep 02, 2014 , 08:25 pm
Sahil Kakkar - Are woman a distraction for cricketers?
Do you think the 'NO wives, No girlfriends' rule must be applied to our Indian cricket team? Would that result in a better performance by our cricket team?I certainly think cricketers' wives and girlfriends should NOT accompany them on important more »
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