Cricketers With Hot Girls

Off late we have seen how distracted cricketers have been when it comes to their game be it ads, dance, reality shows etc . It seems like they are doing everything except playing the game. Lets have a look at some of the activities our crickters are best at obviously with is other then playing the game they are known for.
Kim Desai
Kim Desai and 3 more commented on the discussion by Sahil Kakkar
1 hr ago
Sahil Kakkar - Are woman a distraction for cricketers?
Do you think the 'NO wives, No girlfriends' rule must be applied to our Indian cricket team? Would that result in a better performance by our cricket team?I certainly think cricketers' wives and girlfriends should NOT accompany them on important more »
Abdul Malik
Gaurav Shahi Dev
Sumitra Katmalli
Sumitra Katmalli
Sumitra Katmalli
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