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 A group about us! For us! By us!  A platform where we can have a voice of ours over issues we see around us. A group that teaches us how to be a better human by learning from others and teaching others from our achievements. So let’s hear out our voices and stand for our rights. Let’s be the young adults who would be the change we want to see in the world. Share your views on how we can make this country better so that world looks at us with a much better perspective.    
Akki Sopran
Akki Sopran and 5 more commented on the blog by Monika Rawal
11 hrs ago
Monika Rawal - What's with the boob size?
I never cared about being ultra slim or over weight - not that I'm unhappy with my present body shape, but it's just that I never made that extra effort to possess that ultra glam body.But whenever I listen to some really unbelievable stories from my girlie friends, I literally get gosebumps to see what all girls today are doing to get that hour glass figure... most importantlym, it's the perfect breast size that tops their wishlist.Well... i'm not too sure.. does boob size really matter much or more »
Raka Baba
Raka Baba and 6 more commented on the discussion by Anshul Dogra
on Aug 20, 2014 , 11:24 pm
Anshul Dogra - Is it legal or illegal for a boy and a girl to stay in the same hotel room for a night ?
Recently my friend was planning to have a night out with his girlfriend. So they decided to stay in a hotel. When he arrived at the hotel with his girlfriend, the receptionist denied them from giving the room. He said that the hotels being more »
Sunil Kumawat
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