Sports Controversies

All sports are built on a drive to improve, the chance to compete against your peers, and the opportunity to build strong bonds with others. But unfortunately for some, the difference between winning and losing isn’t an option.  Disgraced sportstars Photos So they cheat. And when a cheater gets going and succeeds in pulling on over on the competition, chances are good he’ll do it again... Bad, ugly or just downright disgusting, everyone one of these names holds a dark place in our hearts. Their drive to win was insatiable; but their will to win far outweighed their respect for the sport and those who played. In the end they found a place a special place in the annals of history — it’s just too bad it wasn’t the place they were hoping for. But for every cheat there comes a day when their lies come back to bite them. Lets look at the greatest cheats of all time...  
Abhiroop Mahlotra
Abhiroop Mahlotra and 12 more commented on the discussion by Hitesh Sharma
8 hrs ago
Hitesh Sharma - Shame on Pakistani hockey players!
I am disgusted at the way Pakistani hockey players mocked Indian fans as well as Indian hockey players after their victory in Champions Trophy against India. They made ugly signs to the fans too. How could they behave like this? They were playing on more »
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