Social Problems in India

As a developing nation, India has observed endless social problems, one leading to the other. Female infanticide, poverty and unemployment are just some ofthesocial problems plaguing India.
Akash Gupta
Akash Gupta and 2 more commented on the discussion by Jia Sen
13 mins ago
Jia Sen - Can Intercaste marriages put an end to casteism?'
I am shocked beyond belief! Read a very disturbing piece of news in the morning. A dalit boy's goat strayed into an upper caste man's farm in Bihar. What happened next will shock you. The 4 upper caste men went to the dalit's house, poured kerosene more »
Suvendu Samanta
Alak Niranjan
Alak Niranjan and 8 more commented on the discussion by Samira Kapoor
7 hrs ago
Samira Kapoor - 'Get thrashed for not standing up for our National Anthem'
This is hooliganism! Some goons in Kerala beat up a man only because his girlfriend, who is a foreigner, did not stand when our Indian National Anthem was played. How can a person be punished for this? If I want to stand for the national anthem or more »
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