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As a developing nation, India has observed endless social problems, one leading to the other. Female infanticide, poverty and unemployment are just some ofthesocial problems plaguing India.

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Posted on Feb 22, 2016, 05:10 pm by Ashutosh Kumar
Social problems of India

poll Do social media sites create social problems to society? Do social media sites create social problems to society?

Posted on Sep 04, 2015, 08:29 am by Anthony Barbosa

There is a feeling at least in some quarters that the social media sites are creating some of the problems that we face in our societies.
Can't sayCan't say

discussion problems in india problems in india

Posted on May 02, 2013, 10:41 pm by Lakshmisrinivas Pasam

is reservations are really necessary in present scenario????infact reservations system is introduced in our country to strengthen underpriveleged people and to curtail inequalities among the people,but it is not suceeded in doing so and moreover inequalities among people are filliping day by day and embarassing situation is, this system is being used by dirty politicians for their own advantages and again dividing people on caste basis and disrupting our national integritywhy they are

discussion problems in india problems in india

Posted on Apr 30, 2013, 07:37 pm by Lakshmisrinivas Pasam

why dont our elected representatives have probation period?????even bank employees have probation period why dont they????

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Posted on Aug 23, 2014, 07:20 pm by Mayank Gupta

Which is a bigger problem for the country to deal with?
Rape Cases

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Modern Day ProblemsModern Day Problems
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Posted on Dec 26, 2015, 11:16 am by Rocker
Tamil NaduTamil Nadu

video The Inner Problems Of India

Posted on Jun 17, 2014, 04:16 pm by Dev Kashyap
The Inner Problems Of India

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