Race for PM 2014

Even Bollywood gossip takes a backseat when the debate gets going about the most suitable Prime Ministerial candidate for 2014 elections. While Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi have been the most sought after candidates from opposition parties, it’s yet to be ascertained who takes the lead and finally wins the race. Follow this space and stay tuned for more updates. Share your viewpoint by posting blogs and starting public forums and see what others have to say on this whole Race for PM 2014.
Pradeep Jindal
Pradeep Jindal and 2 more commented on the discussion by Monika Rawal
3 hrs ago
Monika Rawal - Can Priyanka Gandhi save Congress?
Clearly Priyanka Gandhi has taken the lead and is going all out to attack BJP and is defending her family in all possible ways. Hitting out at Modi, she has even called his allegations against Gandhi family "cheap and baseless".Surprisingly, more »
Prathapa  Reddy Muthana
Prathapa Reddy Muthana and 5 more commented on the blog by Nivedita Gupta
6 hrs ago
Nivedita Gupta - Why Modi will be a disaster for India
I just read in a news article that the BJP has spent a whopping 5,000 crores on campaigning for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. 5,000 crores! It’s not a small amount people. Yet, there is no questioning by either the media or the Election Commission on where BJP has got these funds from.   BJP is clearly one of the most corrupt political parties of India. I remember when I was going to vote, I read a bit of the BJP candidates from different constituencies, and I was shocked to learn t more »
Nitin Badyal
Nitin Badyal and took the poll by Samira Kapoor
on Apr 24, 2014 , 01:27 pm
Samira Kapoor - Congress, AAP threatened by Modi?
Yes, they are maligning his political image
No, Modi is getting what he deserves
All these parties are equally corrupt
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