Problems in India

India is not only a country where the majority of its population is young, but it is also still a developing nation. Due to many reasons,our nation is riddled with all kinds of different problems. Some of these issues are new, while a few are continuing since the British rule. Discuss and share your views and thoughts about what plagues our nation today.
Kim Desai
Kim Desai and 6 more commented on the blog by Siddarth Joshi
1 hr ago
Siddarth Joshi - INCREDIBLE INDIA : IS IT ???
Not the best air ride of my life. Perhaps wrong choice of airlines (Indian Airlines). It was warmer than the outside summer. Only 6 hours i thought. But the 6 hours wont flow. Finally i reached my destination, The Changi International Airport. Funny name. Is it so difficult to find a good name, or all good names are already patented? i thought. It was quite and calm though, unlike the Mumbai international Airport. An impressive first impression.I was waiting for the chauffer, preplanned of more »
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