Problems in India

India is not only a country where the majority of its population is young, but it is also still a developing nation. Due to many reasons,our nation is riddled with all kinds of different problems. Some of these issues are new, while a few are continuing since the British rule. Discuss and share your views and thoughts about what plagues our nation today.
Ashu Varshney
Dr      Mandar Kalwari
Dr Mandar Kalwari commented on the citizen journalism by Kanav Mehra
5 hrs ago
Kanav Mehra - ‘Even gated societies not safe’
Now-a-days people are increasingly vouching to live in gated societies, rather than an independent house because they feel it is safe due to tight security. But frankly speaking, no place is safe. One of my friends is living a society like this. And more »
Nidhi Jain
Nidhi Jain reported the Citizen Journalism
6 hrs ago
Dug up cyber city road causes traffic mess
It is a nightmare travelling from Sikanderpur to Cyber city and vice-versa as the entire road is dug up.There is still some construction work going on there as result there is construction material lying on the road. The other day I took that road more »
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