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News is the communication of selected information on current events which is presented by print, broadcast, Internet, or word of mouth to a third-party or mass audience. One man claims that the English word "news" developed in the 14th century as a special use of the plural form of "new". In Middle English, the equivalent word was newes, like the French nouvelles and the German neues. Similar developments are found in the Slavic languages – the Czech and Slovak noviny , the cognate Polish nowiny and Russian novosti – and in the Celtic languages: the Welsh newyddion (from newydd) and the Cornish nowodhow (from nowydh). Before the invention of newspapers in the early 17th century, official government bulletins and edicts were circulated at times in some centralized empires. The first documented use of an organized courier service for the diffusion of written documents is in Egypt, where Pharaohs used couriers for the diffusion of their decrees in the territory of the...
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Gopiraman Alok
Gopiraman Alok
Gopiraman Alok
Gopiraman Alok
Rohan Suley
Yashika Rathore
Devesh Agrawal
Sarjeet Singh
Sarjeet Singh and commented on the citizen journalism by Gopiraman Alok
30 mins ago
Gopiraman Alok - Haryana AAP will not fight election
Haryana AAP decident not to fight election..The big question is why? Now they hardly had trust on their image etc all they want any how get delehi CM post? Same party fighted around 500 seat in MP election for PM psot but MAYA MILO NA RAMNow they more »
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