Indo-Pak relations

One of the most controversial set on neighbours on the world map. The relations between the two have been strained ever since Pakistan came into existence post the violent partition of British India in 1947. Since then due to many historical and more so political issues, the relations have been further strained. 'Kashmir dispute', 3 major declared military conflicts and many army standoffs remain the reason for the sour relations.

Though both the countries have worked on a lot of 'Confidence Building Measures', steps for ceasefire and talks but parallel armed skirmishes, infiltration, ceasefire violation and terrorist attacks from Pakistan have time and again brought the two countries back on warring tracks.
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on Jul 21, 2014 , 07:46 pm
Nivedita Gupta - Should Kashmir be made independent?
Journalist Ved Prathap Vedik has done it again! Prathap courted controversy by saying that Kashmir should be made an independent nation. He says if Kashmiri in India and Pakistan agree then the region can be made into a separate country. I am really more »
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