Corruption and Indian politics

Do you like to discuss politics? If yes this group is for you. I created this group to discuss current political affairs of our country. There is a general perception that today’s young generation is averse to politics. But I feel that might not be true. There are a lot of young people who takes genuine interest in politics. In this group let us talk about the trend of political events in the country. As the creator of the group, I appeal to all members that we should uphold the freedom of opinion, speech and choice on this platform. Whereas you are free to express your political opining, I urge, that we all should respect other persons’ views and let us not turn it into a preaching ground for any particular political ideology. This group is about observation, analysis and expressing opinion freely:     –    do not abuse any political party / ideology     –    do not defame any political leader     –    do not preach violence or hatred against any person / party Happy debating!
Godfather Senior
Godfather Senior and 10 more commented on the discussion by Jia Sen
on Jan 08, 2015 , 11:11 pm
Jia Sen - Shocking! MLA's abuses and misuses power!
In a shocking incident, a BJP MLA from Kota Rajasthan abused a medical officer threatening him if he did not issue transfer orders for his kin. He hurled abuses at him. Below is the conversation on the phone. What do you think should be the more »
Satish Singh
Satish Singh reposted the discussion
on Jan 05, 2015 , 09:44 am
Satish Singh - Indian Govt. policies and planning and tax payer money?
1. Indian Govt. first take the decision to open the Indian Market for Global manufacturer (China, US, Europe), that impacted on small scale industry and handloom sector very badly, then gave them crores of rupees package. Not able to help the sector more »
Vijay Suresh
Vijay Suresh commented on the poll by btuydib
on Jan 03, 2015 , 10:59 am
btuydib - TERRORISM
Invite them for Dinner at Tax Payers expense and wish them all the Best?
Catch Before Attack but release as no Crime has been Committed?
Kill In Encounter to save hundreds? (Face Human Rights Activists)
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