'Bad Girl' poster: Okay to judge Indian woman all the time?

Started on Feb 20, 2015 , 12:05 pm by Monika Rawal

This 'Bad Girl' poster has suddenly gone viral on social media out of nowhere. Supposedly, the image happens to be from one of the many cut-and-paste books available for children and it lists out nine qualities that define a girl as a bad girl. And you'd laugh out loud to read some of the characteristics such as "a bad girl has breasts, she pouts, she goes to Goa, she drinks and smokes and a lot more..." I mean really??? Are we still living in this backward society that doesn't think twice more »

AIB Roast: Should AIB have apologised?

Started on Feb 10, 2015 , 11:03 am by Monika Rawal

After so much of chaos and getting immense support from various sectors of society, AIB team has finally put their foot down and issued an unconditional apology to Christian Community for unintentionally hurting their sentiments in AIB Roast, insult comedy show. I somehow didn't find this apt on their part. I feel with this action, they have reduced any further chance of us (fans) to defend them. Also, if you have done something as comedians, own that up and not feel sorry about it or more »

#SRK10Million: Your messages for Shah Rukh Khan

Started on Nov 21, 2014 , 12:26 pm by Monika Rawal

Bollywood's ultimate Baadshah, Shah Rukh Khan has crossed the 10 million mark for his Twitter fan following. SRK has been quite active on his twitter handle @iamsrk while interacting with fans, promoting his films, sharing his family photos, outing with kids' etc... and maybe that's why the actor has managed to reach this far.As #SRK10Million continues to trend on social networking sites, here a chance for all SRK fan out there... come and send in your wishes to the actor. Pen down your more »

AIB Roast controversy: Indians are being hypocrites!

Started on Feb 04, 2015 , 11:22 am by Monika Rawal

I don't understand why people are creating such a fuss about the AIB Roast video featuring Arjun Kapoor, Ranveer Singh and Karan Johar. I found it quite entertaining and hilarious and it was so good to see everyone being so sportive and be ridiculed. Agreed it was filthy and abusive, but isn't that a reflection of the society we live in today?Moreover, we have our Indian politicians who keep making stupid remarks and don't condemn a crime like rape, but surprisingly, they have a problem more »

Bigg Boss 8: 'Deepshikha's eviction is UNFAIR'

Started on Oct 13, 2014 , 10:30 am by Monika Rawal

More than being surprised, I was shocked to see Deepshikha Nagpal being evicted after last week's nominations. She was such a strong contender and a great entertainer too; andI almost saw a finalist in her but just because of three nominations, she had to face the brunt of getting evicted. How unfair is that! It's tough to believe that RJ Pritam, who is no one, got more public votes than Deepshikha, who is anytime a more popular name and face than him. She was definitely not the weak link more »

Why no single woman in AAP's cabinet?

Started on Feb 18, 2015 , 12:17 pm by Monika Rawal

Okay now that Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has become the much-touted Chief Minister of Delhi, there's nothing much we can do about it. But I want to know why there is no single woman in his cabinet. Why has women empowerment not been given any importance now when it was needed the most?In today's era when women's safety is the prime area of concern and every minister is expected to address it, why is it that Aam Aadmi Party didn't bother to have any woman minister in their cabinet? I wonder if in this more »

Bigg Boss 8: Was Sonali Raut's eviction UNFAIR?

Started on Jan 04, 2015 , 01:13 pm by Monika Rawal

After staying inside the Bigg Boss 8 house for 15 weeks, Sonali Raut finally got evicted in the 'Finale ka Twist' episode. While most of the housemates felt that she was least deserving on the show and shouldn't have reached this far, viewers and her fans think that this was the most unfair eviction on Bigg Boss season 8.Apparently, it was Dimpy Ganguly who was supposed to get eliminated along with Puneet (coz she didn't want to face ex-husband Rahul Mahajan after the twist), but it was a last more »

Obscene ads responsible for rapes?

Started on Jun 11, 2014 , 04:24 pm by Monika Rawal

According to Maharashtra Home Minister R R Patil, the obscene images used in advertisements are to be blamed for the rise in atrocities against women. He also said that 'declining moral values' among Indians is another reason for increasing rape cases in the country. And if this was not enough, Patil further added that 'Even if we provide a cop to each house, rapes can't be stopped'.Has he lost his mind completely? What kind of insensitive and irresponsible remarks are these? If government more »