Women who drink are characterless?

Started on Apr 16, 2014 , 10:35 am by Monika Rawal

This is really disgusting. I hear so many people say that women who drink alcohol and go out late in the night for parties have loose character and possess no moral values. Apparently, such women are also considered to be 'available' and men think they can be easy approached.How sick is this! I don't understand why such sexist attitude towards women. Can the fact that a girl drink decide her character? What's your take?

What do Indian men want in a wife?

Started on Apr 04, 2014 , 03:12 pm by Monika Rawal

Some say good looks, some say brains, some want a nice figure and others look for a girl with a great job! And wait, some even want their wives to be a gadget freak or maybe the best cook in the kitchen. Well, clearly Indian men can't just figure out what do they really want in their life partner.Come on, let's see what people have to say on this. What do you think is that one thing that most Indian men want in their wife. Post your comments right here.

Will 'Gulaab Gang' mark an end to Madhuri-Juhi rivalry?

Started on Mar 04, 2014 , 12:14 pm by Monika Rawal

'Gulaab Gang' is touted to be one of the biggest releases at the Box Office. More so, because the film brings together two of the most iconic faces of Indian cinema to share screen space for the first time ever in the history.While a lot has been said and read about on screen and off screen rivalry between Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla, movie lovers are expecting that this film may put an end to this ongoing cold war. What's your say?

Social media a 'threat to democracy'?

Started on Apr 01, 2014 , 11:11 am by Monika Rawal

This is utterly rubbish. As per this news piece, the central government has decided to put a ban on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter ahead of Lok Sabha polls in the country. Apparently, social media poses a "threat to democracy" and hence, the I&B ministry has taken the decision to ban these sites until May 16, which is the poll results day.I don't understand why do we call India a democratic nation when such contradictory and ridiculous rulings are there to make more »

Religious people watch more porn!

Started on Feb 18, 2014 , 03:15 pm by Monika Rawal

A new study has found that religious’ people are more likely to be addicted to watching porn on the internet as compared to less spiritual people. If this is true, I wonder on what grounds do religious people talk of strong moral grounds and beliefs that they claim to follow in life.Do these religious people who watch porn on regular basis have any right to judge others who do not believe in God or are less spiritual? Has watching porn got anything to do with devotion to God or being r more »

Slapgate: Kejriwal's new drama a publicity!

Started on Apr 04, 2014 , 03:21 pm by Monika Rawal

I don't understand how in such a short span of time, our ex-CM Arvind Kejriwal has been publicly attacked thrice. First it was ink thrown at him in Varanasi, then someone slapped him, and now he has been punched, yet again! Strange!I think it is nothing but a publicity gimmick and Kejriwal is doing all this to portray himself as a victim and gather sympathy votes. Clearly, he cannot do or think of anything better. What do you think?

Wives earning more face more violence!

Started on Mar 28, 2014 , 11:18 am by Monika Rawal

I just read this piece of news that states Indian women who are more educated and earn more than husbands face violence risk. And if women happen to be the sole breadwinners, they are even more prone to experience frequent and severe violence in their relationship. How ridiculous is this? So are we trying to say that women should just sit at home and do nothing?Or is it that men are scared of women who are financially independent and it makes them insecure and they cannot digest the fact that more »

AAP's anti-corruption helpline of no use!

Started on Jan 09, 2014 , 11:26 am by Monika Rawal

Arvind Kejriwal seems to be in full action and this Anti Corruption Helpline from Aam Aadmi Party says it all. But do you really think this would be of any HELP? Surprisingly, this helpline number isn't meant to register any of your complaints but only listen to your problem and give you an advice...Well, considering the ever increasing rate of crimes and corruption in out city, I don't think this Helpline cum advisory board would make any difference. What do you think?