Yoga is a way of life. Not only is it a form of physical exercise through the various asanas, yoga is the pursuit of the ultimate mind, body balance. Yoga also stresses on correct breathing techniques to gain optimum well being. There are various schools of yoga but at the heart these ancient teachings are a philosophy that is relevant even in today's modern hectic life cycle. 
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Rakesh Jaiswal - Supertech Sports Village.
Supertech Sports Village, is greatly launched at Noida Extension. Buy a home here, you would be enjoy their amenities like swimming pool, shopping complex, park, garden, yoga, gymnasium and more. Apart for these, it specification is great like vertified tiles in bathroom, bedroom and kitchen, a good flooring to each & every floor. It is ongoing project by Supertech Group who have been delivered number of residential, commercial, office space since two decades. Located bang of Noida - more »
Lakshmi Viji
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Jasleen Kour - How to stay healthy?
Eat on time.Do regular exercise.Dont eat too much fast food.Try to eat healthy food.Have three big meals a day or five small meals a day.Eat dairy products like butter,ghee,milk etcDnt make use of tobacco or other harmful substances.Eat green vegetables, pulses and fresh fruits.Drink fresh juice.Dont skip ur meal.Dnt eat fast food at the time of meal.Spend half an hour daily on walk.Do morning or evening walk.Dont consume alcohol.Do yoga.Dont eat high calorie foods.Maintain a regular balance more »
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Krishnan Sankaran - Most exclusive Hotel brands in the World - Aman Hotels
Founded by Adrian Zecha in 1988, Aman Resorts International are a luxury hotel group with a presence in 15 countries. Each Resort is characterised by a small number of rooms typically less than 55 and minimalist architecture designed to complement the Resort's natural and cultural setting. Indigenous building materials and techniques are used as much as possible. The staff count is typically four staff to one guest. There is no reception desk, lobby or bellboys as Aman Resorts are designed more »
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