Weight Loss

'WEIGHT LOSS'- The word itself has found a place in everybody's conversation. We all talk about, read about it, want to learn more of it and above all practice it. This group is for all who want to know everything about 'Weight Loss'. From fittest food, diets do's & don'ts and notable nutrition information. So tap into the latest news, views, advice and tips with a suppost group of like-minded friends. Join in to find information and help to get a heady mix of healthy body and mind
Gopiraman Alok
Gopiraman Alok and 4 more commented on the discussion by Pankaj Rana
on Jul 28, 2014 , 11:53 pm
Pankaj Rana - 'Green tea leads to weight loss'
Consuming green tea is the latest fad that has hit the nation. A recent study shows that the present day consumption of green tea in India has shot up. People believe that is the wonder drug that will help them shed all the unwanted kilos easily.But more »
Bhagwan and commented on the citizen journalism by Venkatachari Thoudoju
on Jul 28, 2014 , 06:03 pm
Venkatachari Thoudoju - Thread mill
Thread is one of the machine used to have body fitness at home itself. In this busy world and polluted areas some people do not have time to go for morning walk. So threadmill is the best solution for having morning exercise on it, this can be more »
Ankit Goyal
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