WEDDING SEASON IS HERE!!! It's time again, when everyone would be rejoicing the 'Big Fat Indian Weddings', which bring along endless reasons to celebrate, dress up, enjoy, dance and at the same time worry for the future that AWAITS... While, most Indian girls would have dreamt of having a fairy tale wedding since her childhoodm, guys too nurture several dreams and hopes from their marital bliss. Through this group, I am trying my best to address those many concenrs that would be brides and grooms have in their minds before tying the pious knot... Good or bad, serious or light, big or small, these issues hold much importance in every couple's life. So let's get going and help each other with all the unasnwered questions about 'Marriages'. Come on, let's contribute whatever way we could - sharing tips to have a successful marriage, enjoy sex life post marriage, dilemma between arranged vs love, issues between married partners and the list is endless... Let's make the D Day all the more special!
Rajesh Vyas
Rajesh Vyas posted the Blog
on Aug 31, 2014 , 03:45 am
Rajasthan village diktat slims fat Marwari weddings in cities
MUMBAI: Big fat Marwari weddings are slimming down as rules imposed by community elders in towns and villages of south Rajasthan domino down to families from there settled across the country. Rajasthani weddings are traditionally known for big-ticket spending, and families spending close to Rs 100 crore to get their daughters married is not unheard of. Now, the elders are trying to impress on the community that the enormous sums spent are a waste and the lavish trend leads to pressure more »
Sharanya Chowdhury
Sharanya Chowdhury and 6 more commented on the discussion by Sasiganesh Chinnathambi
on Aug 12, 2014 , 10:26 am
Sasiganesh Chinnathambi - Which is best? Small family or Joint family?
Family is a place where people with genetic relationship live together. After marriage a new person will join the family and they produce children that becomes big family. But now days people work in different places, it is broken and become more »
Neelam Nath
Neelam Nath and commented on the discussion
on Aug 11, 2014 , 06:21 am
Neelam Nath - Hum aapke hain kaun-celebrate 20 years with Jittery Fathers of Daughters
Prior to release of this movie,wedding at ISKCON temple,Gurudwara,Shiv mandir with gifts for the daughter hidden from the crowd was considered to be hep as Show off was a big No No,Movie 'Father of the Bride' was also released 20 years ago but he more »
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