Single Women

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Single and have a serious lack of a place where you can connect to like minded people? Well this interest is for you where you can discuss things that matter to you whether it is lifestyle issues, relationship troubles or the general experience of being a strong independent person.
Sonia Choudhary
Sonia Choudhary and 12 more commented on the blog by Monika Rawal
34 mins ago
Monika Rawal - You are a characterless woman if you...
India might have come a long way to be a progressive country and people are trying hard to get accustomed to the modern ways of living yet there’s a great level of discrepancy in the mindsets of Indians. Especially when it is women in question, Indians just love to be ‘judgmental’ in almost everything possible.Strange but true, most people judge women on some really weird grounds. And even if that means going to the extent of character assassination, they won’t think twice. Here are a fe more »
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