Single Women

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Single and have a serious lack of a place where you can connect to like minded people? Well this interest is for you where you can discuss things that matter to you whether it is lifestyle issues, relationship troubles or the general experience of being a strong independent person.
Geeta Chopra
Geeta Chopra commented on the discussion by Lipla Bhatt
on Dec 19, 2014 , 08:33 pm
Lipla Bhatt - Why change surname after marriage?
I just got married last month and now I have to get my marriage registered in the court. I don’t wish to change my surname and my husband is okay with it but my in-laws are forcing me to change it. I don’t understand how does it make a dif more »
Lalit Patil
Lalit Patil and 11 more commented on the blog by Pooja Misrra
on Dec 02, 2014 , 11:07 am
Pooja Misrra - An open letter to all self respecting women
Has someone ever forcibly made you a part of their kin without even taking your permission? So much so that they keep mooching you of your unique ideas for free, copying your style shamelessly and trying to be you? Not 1 , not 2 but 3 families!!!!Hell! Being an orphan would be a blessing in this case and scenario! Selfish people trying to encroach on your personal space ( to the extent of molestation), robbing you off all that makes you unique and manipulating your outlook as well as more »
Godfather Senior
Godfather Senior commented on the discussion by Nina S
on Nov 30, 2014 , 09:24 pm
Nina S - Are single women targeted by society?
I've lived alone for a while now and I've seen people's behaviour towards me border on the curious to the outright obnoxious. People seem to think that just because you are single you are automatically OK with people wanting to know everything about more »
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