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Plan your saving and investing, it is a way to make the most of what you have. Savings and investments made wisely can be fruitful in the long run.
Ravi Raj
Ravi Raj commented on the poll by Kirti Deol
on Nov 25, 2014 , 11:49 pm
Ravi Raj
Harshh Mishra
Harshh Mishra and 12 more commented on the blog by Lipla Bhatt
on Nov 25, 2014 , 11:22 pm
Lipla Bhatt - Top 11 things to remember before buying a Life Insurance Policy
The basic intent while buying a Life Insurance Policy is to protect your family and ensure a secured future for them; and tax exemptions come as an incidental benefit. So first and foremost, never get confused with the purpose of opting for any policy. Here is a list of things that you must remember and consider before buying a Life Insurance Policy. Read these and make sure you keep them in mind next time you are opting for a new policy. Stick to your planned budget Figure out how much more »
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