A politician, political leader, or political figure is someone who is involved in influencing public policy and decision making. This includes people who hold decision-making positions in government, and people who seek those positions, whether by means of election, inheritance, coup d'├ętat, appointment, electoral fraud, conquest, divine right, or other means. Politics is not limited to governance through public office. Political offices may also be held in corporations, and other entities that are governed by self-defined political processes. Public choice theory involves the use of modern economic tools to study problems that are traditionally in the province of political science. In particular, it studies the behavior of voters, politicians, and government officials as ...
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Mayank Agarwal
Mayank Agarwal and 6 more commented on the discussion by Shankar Manakkal
1 hr ago
Shankar Manakkal - "Bedi will make BJP lose"
Kiran Bedi has the makings of a comedian with this first speech of hers as a BJP politician, Bedi has reduced herself to a joke. In fact while this video has gone viral for the way in which Bedi seems to be ranting some rubbish, what may not be so more »
Sagar Jain
Sagar Jain commented on the video by Khan Fareed
on Feb 01, 2015 , 03:22 pm
Shameek Sarkhel
Shameek Sarkhel commented on the poll by Kripa Parekh
on Feb 01, 2015 , 10:31 am
Kripa Parekh - Vote: Dumbest remark by politician in 2014
Narendra Modi about 'ghar wapsi'
Hema Malini: Dream girl indeed
Sachchidananda Babu
Amit Grover
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