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This group is strictly for women. It has been made exclusively for & by women. If you are a woman, you can join. There is no age limit for the women. It is a platform for them to come together & share. Women in this group can post discussions about anything & everything close to their hearts. They may share their troubles, worries & concerns with other women. They may also discuss issues with other female friends here.  So if you are a woman, speak your mind about anything you want. Enjoy the experience of female bonding, talk about your day-to-day concerns in this group that is strictly just for women like you!
Daam Prasad
Daam Prasad and 9 more commented on the discussion by Kripa Shah
5 mins ago
Kripa Shah - ‘Husbands ruin women’s career’
One of my close friends has been married for about a year. She was a very ambitious woman and had all the capability to rise up in her career. But I am surprised that she left her ambitions to give preference to her husband's career. Even her more »
Muddiyada Naveen Nachappa
Muddiyada Naveen Nachappa and 4 more commented on the blog by Harpreet Kaur
1 hr ago
Harpreet Kaur - Top 6 skin care mistakes we should avoid
Haven't we all heard that 'beauty is skin deep'? But what we fail to understand is that to get to that peaches and cream complexion we need to take immense care of our food, lifestyle and our beauty practices. Most of us have sort of have managed to imbibe bad habits over the years that can seriously screw up with your skin. Here are mistakes that you wish you never made:1. Common mistake: Sleeping with makeup onAfter a long day at work or post attending a wedding, we tend to get lazy and more »
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