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Tired of hearing that men are a member of the lesser gender or a woman completes man? Here is the place for all men to come together and talk about anything and everything that is of interest to them.
Chitty Rajunayak
Chitty Rajunayak and 10 more commented on the video by Jia Sen
on Nov 26, 2014 , 05:36 pm
Immanuel Nadar
Immanuel Nadar commented on the discussion by Kripa Shah
on Nov 25, 2014 , 10:12 pm
Kripa Shah - Do men lie more than women?
A new study has revealed that men are likely to lie more than women. It was found that women avoid being honest to avoid hurting someone and men tend to lie to save money or win an argument.  I quite agree with it. What’s your take? more »
Arorav commented on the discussion by Hitesh Sharma
on Nov 25, 2014 , 07:35 pm
Hitesh Sharma - Do men look old in their 40s?
I was quite surprised to read this new study that reveals 'men at 39 and more are less appealing and women don't find them attractive anymore'. Also, the study further stated that apparently at this age, men are viewed more like father figures than more »
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