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We spend the maximum amount of time in a day at work, dealing with colleagues. Some of us even develop friendships and other relationships. Here is a place for you to discuss and follow your interests related to office.
Prasanna Kumar
Prasanna Kumar and 5 more commented on the discussion by Monika Rawal
9 hrs ago
Monika Rawal - Male vs female boss: Which is better?
This is a debate that has been going since ages - whether it is good to have a male boss at work or a female boss. While some feel it is better to have same sex boss because they can empathize with you, others feel bosses of opposite sex are more more »
Subbu Dvs
Vibhanshu Chaturvedi
Vibhanshu Chaturvedi and 2 more commented on the blog by Pranav Sen
on Apr 22, 2014 , 11:37 pm
Pranav Sen - Lost your job? Take a chill pill!
2009 was a pathetic year for most of us. The recession ball had hit us bad and all of us were in constant fear of losing our jobs. I remember how scared my brother was, who was working in a top MNC at that time. His colleagues were getting fired by the minute. Pink slips were being circulated like free flowing water. It was a mad year my brother had said to me. But I have noticed one more thing. We Indians get more bogged down by losing our jobs than our western counterparts. Why the hell do more »
Samir Samuel David
Samir Samuel David commented on the discussion by Shankar Manakkal
on Apr 22, 2014 , 02:11 pm
Shankar Manakkal - 'Blackmailed after sex'
I am in a major fix and need your help. There is a girl in my office, my co-worker who I was attracted to. We both started talking and decided to go out on a date. Things got out of hand and we both indulged in 'consensual' sex. Now, things have more »
Shikha Poddar
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