Office Relations

We spend the maximum amount of time in a day at work, dealing with colleagues. Some of us even develop friendships and other relationships. Here is a place for you to discuss and follow your interests related to office.
Narasa.rao24 and commented on the discussion by Ritu Awasthi
9 hrs ago
Ritu Awasthi - Are female bosses the worst?
This is a debate that has been going since ages. Most people feel that female bosses are the worst to work with, as they have big ego issues as compared to male bosses. Also, female bosses come with their own set of family problems and they take out more »
Shish Pal
Shish Pal commented on the discussion by Shankar Manakkal
on Oct 18, 2014 , 01:59 pm
Shankar Manakkal - 'Blackmailed after sex'
I am in a major fix and need your help. There is a girl in my office, my co-worker who I was attracted to. We both started talking and decided to go out on a date. Things got out of hand and we both indulged in 'consensual' sex. Now, things have more »
Govind Lal Gupta
Govind Lal Gupta and 5 more commented on the blog by Priyanka Sharma
on Oct 17, 2014 , 10:44 pm
Priyanka Sharma - How to deal with an angry boss
All the working professionals have definitely faced the ire of their bosses some day or the other. And one often fails to understand how to take control of the situation at that time. It becomes difficult to handle them too. Here are some tips that would help you pass through the yelling sessions easily. Keep calm Try and keep your emotions in check when your boss is screaming at you in anger. If you respond to them in the same way, it might just escalate the situation and make matters worse. more »
Crushes Jeet
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on Oct 17, 2014 , 05:09 pm
Harpreet Kaur - Best way to please your boss?
Bringing a cup of coffee every time
Always saying yes
Complementing him or her all the time
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