Kingfisher Calendar

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It is the most awaited calendar in India every year. The sexiest calendar featuring bikini clad models is published by United Breweries Group of India. Kingfisher Calendar is the brain child of Vijay Mallya and Atul Kasbekar. The calendar is tagged as the sexiest and the most sizzling calendar in the fashion industry. Ever since 2003, the calendar features models in swimsuits and is credited with boosting the modeling careers of those who make it on the calendar.
Sumeet Agrawal
Sumeet Agrawal and Arkay Arkay commented on the photo by Deeksha Talwar
on Nov 13, 2014 , 06:51 pm
Deeksha Talwar - Sonali Raut on Kingfisher Calendar
Sonali Raut made her big Bollywood debut in the 2013 film ?The Xpose? that starred Honey Singh, Himesh Reshammiya and another hot debutant Zoya Afroz. Image Source: Procured via Google Search more »
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Navneet Agarwal
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