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Makeover your look with the best makeup and hairstyle ideas you've ever seen. Celebrity hairstyles, makeup artists tips, and more await!
Akhilesh Pandey
Akhilesh Pandey and 10 more commented on the blog by Samira Kapoor
on Jan 10, 2015 , 11:22 am
Samira Kapoor - Tips for long hair
Can you believe how you would look if you were bald? Ahem, I know it is extremely disturbing to think how one would look if he/she had no hair. Yet most of the times, men and women both hardly take good care of their hair.If proper care is not given to one’s hair, then hairfall, balding or graying of hair becomes almost certain. Women with long tresses should be more careful of their diet and nutrition in order to have beautiful hair. Here are some tips for long hair more »
ఎదురూరి రామకృష్ణ రెడ్డి
Priyanka Sharma - Tips to cure dandruff
Having dandruff in your hair can be really embarrassing. You can easily find numerous products in the market which can help you get rid of them but there can be nothing better than natural home remedies. Here are the various remedies that you can use to get rid of those white flakes. 1) Massage your scalp with olive oil Use of olive oil is the most popular way to cure dandruff. Massage your scalp regularly with olive oil and leave it overnight to get the best results. Olive oil not only more »
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